flâneur is a performative video artwork that considers the past, present and future states of our environment in an increasingly digitalised era.

Utilising machine-learning technology, archival photographs of Singapore are visually eroded through a recurring process of upscaling and downsizing, synonymous with the constant re-framing and re-construction of the city. The obscure time and space of these images becomes a digital playground for the flâneur, who weaves in and out of frame, an observer of society and other times, a performer for the media-infused world.

flaneur will be part of a group show, ‘An uncanny assortment of miscellaneous objects’ as part of Taiwan & Singapore International artists Exchange Exhibition.

Date and Day: 4 - 18 June 2022

Venue: s t a r c h (#02-11, 81 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787502)

Indefinite Waters

Featuring telecommunication and technological devices inspired by the National Collection, Indefinite Waters collapses the past, present and future onto a dystopian landscape of consumer products. It is an experimental video reflecting on the paradoxical relationship that humans have with the urgency of our climate futures. The futility of measuring an ever-changing shoreline in a world threatened by rising sea levels parallels the unceasing human need to define and quantize an immeasurable and inevitable change in our daily lives.

Commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore under the Maybank Foundation Open Call.

Date and Day: March - End Jun 2022

Time: 10am - 7pm (Opening hours of NMS)

Venue: National Museum of Singapore, LED Wall
(93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897)

The Everyday Vinylwda

The Everyday Vinyl is a public art vinyl installation with that ruminates on the hyperobject of the plastic, concentrating on a particular material - the ubiquitous vinyl. In re-appropriating and collaging the medium of used vinyls as the message, the resulting tapestry reimagines the lifespan of these otherwise single-use disposable materials.

The project was commissioned as part of Light to Night Festival 2022 by the National Gallery of Singapore.

Date and Day: Mon - Sun, 14 Jan - 30 June 2022

Time: Accessible to public 24/7

Venue: Art Connector (The sheltered walkway between City Hall MRT to National Gallery Singapore)

designed by Deegix Pte Ltd